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Transform Your Life With The Power Of Your Senses Workbook


The Five Senses 


Visualpictures, colors, decoration 


Auditorymusic, voices, birdsong, sounds 


Kinesthetictextures, feel of the physical elements, and emotional vibes 


Olfactorysmells, chemicals, scents Gustatory – tastes, food and drink 


What is Your Predominant Sense? 


Work through this quiz to determine your main sensory tendency. Circle the statements below that best describe you: 

I base my important decisions on:


  • My instincts 
  • The choices that seem most sound to me 
  • Whatever looks right 


I rate the success of a presentation or meeting by the following criterion:


  • The presenter has illustrated the key points in a clear manner 
  • His argument is viable 
  • He has understood the real issues 


People can tell whether I'm having a bad or good day by:


  • The kind of clothes I'm wearing 
  • The feelings and thoughts I share with them 
  • The sound of my voice 


In a disagreement, I'm most affected by:


  • The other person's tone of voice 
  • The expression on their face when they look at me 
  • Their feelings 


I am most aware of:


  • The shapes and colors around me
  • The noises and sounds in my environment 
  • The way my clothes feel on my skin

Now, check your answers and write the letter K, A, or V for each of your choices, using this list: 

1a  K2a  V3a  V4a  A5a  A1b  A2b  A3b  K4b  V5b  K1c  V2c  K3c  A4c  K5c  V


Add up the number of Vs, As and Ks. Which is predominant? Or are they evenly mixed?


What does this mean? See below to learn more about yourself:

V = visual – A visual preference could imply that you like visual images, symbols, watching sports, chemistry, physics, math. You may need your surroundings to be visually pleasing and you’re capable of taking a long term view of things.

A = auditory – Maintaining harmonious relationships and tuning into new ideas will be easy for you. You'll probably enjoy drama, writing, speaking, music and literature. Sound levels in your environment may need controlling.

K = kinesthetic – This preference may mean that you're balanced, practical and able to adapt to new trends. You'll probably enjoy climbing, working with your hands, contact sports and athletics. You're likely to create a comfortable environment for yourself. 

Often, you may have a mix of preferences as you go through the day. This is normal, but you'll tend towards a specific one. 

Sharpening Your Senses

An exciting and enjoyable way to sharpen your senses is to focus on just one sense for the entire day. 


This means that if you're working on sound, you will pay more attention to it than to any other sense. It helps to determine the attributes of the sound, sight, touch or taste by being aware of its location, tone, volume, and more.


Here are some questions to answer as you focus on each sense:



The Auditory Sense


Where is the sound coming from? 


Is the sound outside your head or inside it? 


Are these words you're hearing or sounds? 


If you're hearing words, are they spoken by someone you know?


What's the volume like? Is it a whisper or can you hear it clearly?


If it's a voice, what is the tone? 


What's the quality of the voice? Is it rasping, guttural or deep?


Is it high pitched or low?


Is it stereo (both sides) sound or mono sound (one-sided)?


Does it surround you?


Is the sound intermittent or constant? 


Is it rhythmic? 


What's the tempo like? Slow or fast? 


Does it have a tune? 


The Visual Sense


Where is this picture located? Point to it.


What is the distance of the picture from you? 


Is it black/white or in color? 


Are you inside the picture or are you observing it from without?


Is it big or small?


Is the picture 2 or 3 dimensional?


Is it dull or bright?


Is it moving or still? 


If it's a movie, how fast is the movement of each frame?


What is the shape? For example, is it round or square? 


Is the picture framed or panoramic? 


Is it blurred or sharp? 



The Kinesthetic Sense 


Where is this feeling in your body? Point to it.


Does it have a shape?  


Does it have pressure? 


Is it big or small?


Is the feeling spread out or in one place? Does it make you tingle?


How strong or weak is the feeling? 


Is it just in one place or can you feel it moving around?


Is it cold or warm? 


Is it constant or intermittent? 


Is there a texture to the feeling? 

Aroma Therapy


Enjoy These Healing Essential Oils: 

Stress Dissolving Spray

6 drops Red Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)

6 drops Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylancium)

5 drops Lemon (Citrus limonum)

3 drops Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

2 oz. Nature's Fresh Plant-based Enzymes


Blend these essential oils in a glass spray bottle and then add the enzymes. When you feel stressed, anxious or nervous or are in need of rejuvenation, shake well and spray around you. 


Harmony Scent

2 drops Rose

2 drops Benzoin

3 drops Verbena